An Easier way to Manage Your Rental Properties

Log My Properties is a cloud-based property management software created for Canadian Landlords & Property Managers!



Property Management Simplified

Are you tired of relying on cumbersome spreadsheets or overspending on complicated software? Log My Properties offers an intuitive and user-friendly management system designed specifically for landlords like you. Say goodbye to the headaches of manual tracking and let our platform streamline your rental property management.

Property and Tenant Management

Effortlessly handle lease agreements, tenant screening, rent collection, and maintenance requests, all from one centralized platform.

Maintenance and Work Order Tracking

Say goodbye to manual work order management. Our software enables you to create, assign, and track maintenance requests, ensuring prompt and organized resolution.

Document Management

Keep all property-related documents organized and accessible in one secure location. Say goodbye to paperwork headaches and effortlessly retrieve essential documents whenever needed.


Tenant & Lease Tracking

Can't find your lease agreements, or unsure when a tenant is suppose to move out? With Log My Properties, all of your documents are stored in the cloud, which are accessible from anywhere. Easily pull up your tenant information.

Detailed Reporting

Year end reporting can be such a pain, but not anymore. Our powerful reporting tool will allow you to create and export various reports with powerful filters.